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Melina Palmer

founder of The Brainy Business Podcast

Our MC for the day, Melina Palmer, founder of The Brainy Business Podcast, introduces our hosts: Alex Hunt (Behaviorally), Brent Snider (Maru), and Anders Bengtsson (Protobrand).


Jason Chebib

Formerly VP Consumer Planning at Diageo

Are Behavioral Economics really of any use to Marketing?

Dissecting the trend for bringing Behavioral dimensions into Marketing discussions: have they really advanced the Marketing industry? Could we use Behavioral Economics better if we understood it better?

Jason Chebib has spent years as a Client-side Marketer, consumer planner, and Marketing trainer. He will be offering new ways to consider and apply Behavioral Economics to Marketers who want that extra edge that comes from understanding consumers better than your competitors do.


Kurt Nelson, Ph.D. and Tim Houlihan

Hosts of the Behavioral Grooves Podcast

Kurt Nelson, Ph.D. and Tim Houlihan, creators of the popular and engaging podcast Behavioral Grooves, distill insights from over 200 podcast interviews into a lightning round of learning applying behavioral science to work and life.

Module 1: Increasing Consumer Understanding

Feel, Behave, Think, closing the Say/Do gap to drive Brand Strategy

Suzy Davidkhanian // Formerly Macy's

Todd Trautz // Maru

Liz Miller // Maru

What consumers say they want and need from brands isn’t always the full picture. Suzy Davidkhanian (Formerly of Macy’s) and Maru will chat about the nuances of incorporating how consumers feel, behave, and think to create deeper connections. Included will be practical tips and examples that could be applied in the future.

How BeSci Formed the Roadmap of Innovation

Xavier Vaissiere //

Rainier van Rietschoten // Protobrand

How Colgate-Palmolive utilized behavioral science to uncover the jobs to be done for their fabric softener and conditioner product lines to inform a 3 – 5 year innovation roadmap.

Building by Mindstate

Erin Willis // Woodside Homes

Will Leach // Mindstate Group

How Woodside Homes (a subsidiary of Sekisui House) is using shopper mindstate insights to reinvent marketing for massive differentiation.
Uncovering Brand "Ideals" with Behavioral Science

Lauren Michniacki //
Clorox / Hidden Valley Ranch

Joe St. Hilaire-Bona //

What makes any product or brand “ideal” in the minds of consumers? Hidden Valley Ranch reveals how they utilized behavioral science to uncover the hidden driver’s of America’s love of a creamy condiment.

Overcoming the Behavior Disconnect

Michele McCorry // Behaviorally

Caty Grzymajlo // Bacardi

Elisabeth Trawinski // Reckitt

Dave Hyland // Edgewell

Context impacts shopper behavior. Concepts tested in a vacuum don’t always transfer well to the shelf, physical or digital. Our panel will share how they have leveraged behavioral research to ensure success when a product reaches the shopper moment of truth.

Module 2: Delivering Growth Outcomes

Running Toward a Greener Future

Jackie Bosco // Reebok

Matt Lavoie // Reebok

As the brand embraces its sustainability initiatives, the Global Consumer Insights team is challenged in making sure the “consumer voice” is incorporated into key decision making. The team needs to understand the role that sustainability currently plays in consumers’ lives, both within the athletic industry and beyond. These insights need to reveal how the brand can meaningfully connect through storytelling opportunities in a space where authenticity is key.

Closing the Gap: Socially Distanced, Yet Closer to Consumers

Sandi Eyink // Nestlé

Matt Salem // Behaviorally

Learn how Nestlé leverages behavioral research and digital tools to ensure they embrace their consumers’ voice as “true north”. We will dig into Nestlé’s successes using this powerful combination to uncover underlying causes for consumer choice, building future-forward shopper insights, and driving brand growth.

Teens in the Emotional Time of COVID

Dwane Morgan // Under Armour

Rene Huey-Lipton // Maru

Practical, pragmatic, and passionate: elite teen athletes seemed to have a pretty good handle on their emotions and lives while navigating the unknown.

Behaviors Shaped by a Pandemic & How To Make Them Stick

Lauren Davitt // Behaviorally

Michelle Gibb // Bayer

Daniel Hunt // Ferrara

COVID drove consumer behavior, resulting in tremendous growth in certain categories and brands, despite challenges impacting loyalty and keeping up with demand. Hear from insight leaders as they share highlights from this unprecedented year and how they hope to make new consumer habits stick.

Module 3: Driving Transformation

How Behavioral Science Methods can Illuminate Healthcare Decisions

John Shortell // Bayer

Erica Ruyle // Maru

Rich Durante // Maru

Discussion will focus on how all healthcare-related decisions have a significant emotional component and makes the case for why behavioral science approaches are critical for generating a more complete picture of physicians, patients, and their behavior. To illustrate the impact of these approaches, the discussion will describe recently-completed research that layers System 1 methods on top of standard descriptive and scalar metrics to provide a more comprehensive assessment of medical advertising. Participants also identify some of the barriers to leveraging these approaches with pharma market research and how to potentially circumvent these obstacles.

Transforming MIT Sloan’s Communication Strategy

Lindsey Fieldman // MIT Sloan

Apurva Kennekar // Protobrand

Lindsey Fieldman, Director-Brand of MIT Sloan School of Management, will be talking about how they utilized behavioral science and Protobrand’s dive into methodologies to develop new personas and inform the future of their communications strategy.

Infusing Behavioral Science to Elevate Insights

Cliff Kane // Behaviorally

Leslie Pickup //
Prestige Consumer Healthcare

A 4 year journey of transforming insights from the tactical to the more holistic and behavioral-science driven.

Alcohol & Cannabis in COVID Times & Beyond

Rafael Alencar // Aurora Cannabis

Viktoriya Artemyeva // LCBO

Andrew Grenville // Maru

People are coping with raging pandemics, lockdowns, and uncertainty in different ways. In Canada, both Cannabis and Alcohol were designated as “essential services.” Hear from insights leaders in both industries on how people have been feeling, behaving, and thinking when it comes to these categories.

Closing Keynote

Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention & Choose Your Life

Nir Eyal

Author of Hooked & Indistractable

Nir Eyal is a behavioral expert and author of best-selling books including “Hooked – How to Build Habit Forming Products” and “Indistractable”. In our closing keynote he will share the behavioral secret for overcoming the Achilles’ heel of distraction and not letting technology get the best of us.

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